sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

Poems I

My Poems in English

João Lenjob

Simply beautiful
I like to see
Generously beautiful
I will consider it to believe it
Gentle and so beautiful
So I can live
Beautiful and more beautiful
Fruit of my pleasure
You're beautiful
You're the most beautiful
And I might know.

Both Pleasure
João Lenjob

This morning is not normal
And you, know why
And indeed it was so good nightfall
That on the eve of anxiety
Fear of future surprise
Leaving my heart no longer obey me
And my eyes only to discover your
If losing so much pleasure
Meeting with such love.

João Lenjob

You are so distinguished and so patient
I know you like both of us really
I rejoice with a shining smile
Me dizzy with your arm always hot
And ennobles me with a look that never mind
I embrace with affection subtly
And I'm attentive to feelings, kindly
Since the beauty so often
Just to mimhoje and future.

Personal Muse
João Lenjob

My personal muse
So beautiful love you have
You are my reason space
With your scent and odor
You have a special smile
Your body is a flower
You look heavenly
You make me a troubadour
You know the original thinking
So my pain Sanas
You are a natural wonder
Am eternal observer
And the essential charm
I am an admirer.

My Girl
John Lenjob

Tell my girl
Who came from western Minas (my west)
He arrived as one learns and teaches
And she loved me.

They say he broke his fate
Because I wrote so divine
And she always went fine
And me.

But it opened my heart
Softened with emotion
Diex his fascination
I did it with dedication.

Hope you enjoy. Comment and leave your e-mails. Hugs!

John Lenjob.